Our Portfolio

No matter how much we embellish the words to describe ourselves and our services, they all boil down to the final output that we produce. Here we want to showcase not only what we've done and what we're currently working on, but we want to share with you our experiences along the way towards the accomplishment of the exciting end results.


Web, Blockchain, Mobile Development

Futurbnk is a web-based platform for minting Cardano fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFT) with built-in wallet for storing ADA and other native assets. It has advanced token features including burning and re-minting, and metadata updater for NFTs.
We designed their corporate logo and website, wrote the entire content of their website, and architected the entire development process of their wallet and minting platform using Cardano Node CLI, Cardano Wallet CLI, C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Bootstrap and jQuery. We also developed their minting and burning RESTful API using .NET MVC.
We are currently working on their Android app which will be a mobile version of their entire web application.
The most challenging part in the programming of their web dashboard is the integration of our frontend and backend scripts with the Cardano console applications since the security mechanism prevents direct interaction between them. We were able to solve this by developing a middleware console application that directs the traffic in between the web app and the Cardano Node.

Futurbnk Materials

Amica Coast

Web Design and Development

Amica Coast is located in Bataan, Philippines and offers beach lots for sale with breathtaking view of the ocean. It will be converted into a high-class tourist destination complete with essential facilities, a cove with white sand, parks and commercial spaces.
Their website that we designed functions as a sales and marketing tool during their preselling stage. Once the preselling phase of their sales activities is completed, they will be launching an online booking system that we are currently developing for their investors and property owners who are interested to rent out their properties to tourists.


Web and Mobile Application

Airmedz provides door to door and on-site healthcare services including vaccination and medical consultation.
We designed their corporate logo and website, and we are also developing an Affiliate Program for their customers with Backoffice system where they can monitor their referrals and their income generated from the purchases of their affiliates. One of the features their website and mobile application will provide is an online store where customers can buy medicines and avail of their vaccination services.
We also created a crypto token for them using Waves blockchain which they can use as incentives for their rewards program.


Logo and Packaging Design

Faerieblossom offers beauty and skin care products of high quality and affordability.
We designed their brand identity and conceptualized the packaging designs of each of their product lineups.