Design and Development

For startups and enterprises of all scales, websites are an essential factor and have become must-haves if you want your business to prosper. Your website is your identity online. Without a website, you are virtually invisible to the world. And even if you already have a website, your success still depends on how you present your business on the web. A professional website is synonymous to credibility, something you can't afford not to have.
Let us help you build your business identity online that is both professional and credible looking. We accept any small or large website projects either from scratch or re-designing of an existing one. We can handle all stages of the development processes from design to programming, from content writing to SEO, from hosting to maintenance.

DIY Website Builder

We can create a stunning website for you at an affordable fee or you can do it yourself in a very short period of time (and at a very affordable monthly hosting fee) using our sophisticated website builder where you may choose from hundreds of professionally designed and responsive templates that work well across all devices. Build your web site now →

Introducing Bluseedweb, a comprehensive suite of website creation, optimization and ecommerce platforms which include the most user-friendly content management system, leads generation and capture form, product management and online store, CRM and SEO tools, and more. You can have your website up and running within a few hours or up to a few days using our beautifully crafted templates. It also features AI-powered content generator using ChatGPT technology. Click the logo to explore and find out more. →

Bluseed Web

The most user-friendly and advanced Website Builder.

Create a great-looking and completely responsive website in a flash! No programming skills required.

Web Hosting

High-end Servers, Low-cost Fees

Bluseedweb offers comprehensive website builder and hosting at very affordable monthly fees. We will handle everything on the backend and all you have to do is focus on creating the website that you love using our intuitive and user-friendly page editor.
If you want a more customized hosting solution for your website, such as integrating MS SQL databases and scripting technologies like ASP.NET or PHP, and a more flexible e-mail management system, then let us help you setup your web hosting needs for a minimal monthly fee which can be customized according to your requirements.

Free 1-year Hosting for Startups

Our free 1-year web hosting is a perfect solution for small websites. It could be a landing page, pre-launch announcement, teaser, or others. Just buy our Basic $50 package which includes a one-page website beautifully designed for you. You may connect your own domain name and get your own custom mailbox @yourdomain. See our Price Options for details.